The Baby Portal

The Baby Portal is a modern way for expecting mothers to receive images and video from an ultrasound clinic without the need for CDs or DVDs. Minutes after an ultrasound session, a link is sent to your phone and email address containing your media for easy sharing on social media. You can post your photos and recordings elsewhere, or share your unique storage address directly with loved ones around the world.

The Process is Easy

  1. An SMS message with the necessary link

    Click the link that is sent your phone and email.

  2. The unique storage web page with the image-download button

    Download your images as a simple archive file.

  3. A smartphone playing a video, with the option in the bottom-right to download the video

    Download each video with the player built into your web browser.

You can't put a DVD into a cell phone. Is dad in the military, thousands of miles away? Don't mail him a copy of a disc: instantly share his little one with him online.

There are no extra accounts and passwords to remember. Everything you need is inside the secret unique URL that is made just for your personal ultrasound session. As disc players become more and more a thing of the past, your precious first encounters with your baby will be safe and stable in digital form.

Please remember to save your data in multiple locations, both on your own devices (phone, computer, etc.) as well as with remote storage services like those provided by Apple, Google, Dropbox, and others. You can never be too careful.

If this sounds good to you, be sure to ask if the studio you plan to visit next has Baby Portal. Even if they don't have it now, it's not hard to get set up, and can save them money in the long run too!

Common Questions

Does this mean I don't get a CD or DVD?
Maybe. Each facility is different, and may offer physical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) alongside online downloads with Baby Portal.
Is it possible to get printed images from the downloads?
Yes. The images are the exact same size as the facility prints. You can take images from Baby Portal to any photograph printing service and have copies made of the highest available quality.
How soon after the ultrasound do I recieve the link?
A link to your ultrasound session will be sent to you immediately after your visit. By the time you receive the text message and email, your images and video will be ready for you.
What happens to the images and video after the storage period?
Baby Portal only holds ultrasound sessions for a very limited time, after which they are permanently deleted from our servers. After this point, Youwill have to get copies of your session from the original facility.
Can the video and images be saved to USB or DVD?
Yes. Videos saved on Baby Portal are common MP4 files. Images are JPEG. Both formats are easily saved to memory devices and DVDs.
Does it cost more to download multiple times?
No. There is no extra cost associated with the downloading of the images or video. They can be viewed and downloaded as many times and by as many devices as you want.

Locations Using Baby Portal

4D Sprouts
  • Sarasota
Meet the Baby Ultrasound
  • Clearwater
  • Brandon
  • Tampa
This Little Piggy
  • Altoona
  • Cedar Rapids
First Expressions Ultrasound
  • Columbus
Meet Your Miracle
  • Boardman
Toes to Nose 3D/4D Ultrasound
  • Knoxville

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and the privacy of your clientele is important. The Baby Portal does not sell any of the personal information it gathers with any party for any reason.

Client emails are only retained for as long as their sessions are held on the cloud storage service. Phone numbers are not stored at all within Baby Portal's storage database.

The only identifying information retained by Baby Portal regarding an ultrasound studio is an email address and a PayPal transaction ID. If you would prefer your studio(s) not be listed above publicly on the Baby Portal website, we will happily refrain from doing so.